Friday, July 25, 2014

Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

I have been back from the class for a few days now and am finally recovered. It does not seem like it was just a week ago that I was standing - or sitting - in front of a group of 17 women all eager to learn something new about Embird Editor. I hope that I was able to give them some of what they hoped to learn. I had a great time. Gigi of Charming Station Embroidery, volunteered to put everything together for me this time. She was an excellent hostess. The class was held in the meeting room at the SpringHill Suites in Ridley Park. The staff there was great and I loved my room. Friday night dinner was at the Springfield Diner which was an excellent choice. Topics for classes included Separation Anxiety, Density and Pull Compensation, Points Editing Mode, Lettering, Design Splitting (which I hate but they wanted it)  and an introduction to Studio. (Great picture of Gigi - not so great of me ...)

June Fly-In - Font Engine 102

June 2014. I didn't get to the Ready Made Alphabets (3rd party fonts) as promised at the AEC so made that my June Fly-In topic. Font Engine 102 explained how you can turn all of those design alphabets you buy from your favorite designers in to alphabets you can type in. Just like you do the Embird Alphabets or Font Engine. They learned you do need to own Font Engine to get this new plug-in but even if you don't, you can have fun playing with just a few letters. If Abba is your favorite group, you are set to go with the trial version! 

AEC 2014

The AEC was held in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at the end of May. I was kept really busy teaching classes so my ONBF (old new best friend) Beth, from the IEC, went with me to take care of things in my booth and to keep me straight. We all know who the boss is when she goes along. It isn't me. Just kidding. I don't know what I would have done without my Beth. You can tell from the picture that we were ALL working really hard the whole time.

Classes on Embird included Separation Anxiety, using Font Engine in Editor (fills) and also in Studio. Font Engine works so differently in Studio - the Pink Princess had to come in and take my place again. For some reason she thinks that she does a better job of it than I do. She does make a it a lot of fun. 

April Fly-In - Editor 102 (Density etc)

April 2104 brought us a new innovation ... the instant download for class and video information. Emails were not getting through and you were not getting your links. Now, just download the zipped file as soon as you've made your purchase and you don't have to worry. Everything you need for class is in that zipped file.

The topic was Editor 102 - Density, etc This is a really difficult topic for me, but I think it came out pretty well. We learned how to resize but mostly learned why things don't always go so well when you start messing with the size and densities in a designs. We also learned a few tricks using Pull Compensation.

March Fly-In - Font Engine 101

March 2014. I decided my country internet connection was just too slow and held class from the basement of my girls' condo in Columbus. It was stormy outside but most of us had a much better webinar experience. Finally, I think we are off and running even if it means I have to travel 2 hours (one way) to hold class. You are worth the effort!

Font Engine 101 was the topic of the night and we learned a lot about how to do satin stitch lettering with this marvelous plug-in. Much about what we learned can also be applied when using the Embird Alphabets. Pre-ordering the class video for those who cannot attend the live class became a possibility and has worked out really well for all.

February Fly-In - Editor 101

February 2014.  The class didn't go too well. At least the first one. We had troubles getting signed in, and the internet connection was bad due to weather and who knows what else. But the show must go and and we finished the class with whoever could make it. It was held again two nights later.  It went better this time. I think.

The topic was Embird Editor and we learned about how to use many of the basic functions of Editor. This is a really good video to watch if you are a real newbie and are coming to one of my in-person Embird classes. It will give you a head-start, keeping you from becoming too frustrated at the beginning of the day.

FWE meets GoToMeeting

In January 2014, Fly with Embird did a free introductory webinar using GoToMeeting. The response was overwhelming and one webinar turned into four. The topic was Embird Manager. After having done three almost identical classes already, the fourth became my favorite and Manager 101 is available for your viewing pleasure on Vimeo.

The Fly-Ins as they are now called, were born. Each is hosted by myself, and one of my Lil Embirdies - Cindy, Denise, Annette, or the team of Lorna and Elise. I present a lesson and try to answer questions on the night's topic. The class is recorded and is then uploaded. It is included in the cost of the class or can be purchased separately on my website ...